The business account for LatAm startups building good sh*t

    Manage your company's runway, move capital across borders, and keep your flow of funds compliant with Meridian. No hidden fees. No hassles. No bull.

    Latitud is not a bank. Banking, brokerage, FX, and other regulated activities are provided by our licensed partners in the United States and Brazil.


    LatAm spices, global taste.


    Receive and manage your cash

    Manage your capital runway in Cayman and Delaware with no monthly maintenance fees. Get set up in days, not weeks.


    Make international transfers

    Know how much you're paying when moving capital to your subsidiaries – no surprise fees. Make fast and secure FX transfers with visibility over where your money is, each step of the way.


    Stay compliant with regulations

    Make every transaction with the peace of mind that you’re following Cayman, USA and Brazilian corporate regulations. From Brazilian Central Bank filings to amending your bylaws, we'll keep your flow of capital funds compliant.

    Frequently asked questions

      • Who is Meridian for?

        Meridian is for venture-backed startups in Latin America with an offshore holding company structure — specifically a Cayman Sandwich or a Delaware Tostada (Delaware LLC holding company). Today, we're making the product available to founders in Brazil, but plan to serve Mexican and Colombian founders soon.

      • When will Meridian be available for sign up?

        Meridian is currently in a limited private beta. If you're interested in participating in our beta, you can sign up for our waitlist here.

      • How much does Meridian cost?

        There is no fee to sign up for Meridian, nor is there a monthly maintenance fee. You can find more information about our fees at the following link.

      • How does the signup process work?

        If you're a Latitud Go customer, we will need your consent to share your information with our partners. We'll contact you if any additional information is required. While we're in beta, account approval may take a few days, but we're working on it! If you're not a Latitud Go customer, we'll let you know what documents are required when you're granted access to the beta.

      • Is Meridian limited to Latitud Go customers?

        No, we work with folks who have incorporated their company without using Latitud Go too! Signing up for Meridian is a simple process: we'll let you know what documents are required!

      • My startup is based in Mexico/Colombia, can I use Meridian?

        Today, we're focused on startups in Brazil, but we'll be expanding to serve Mexico and Colombia soon. We'd love to hear from you — if you're interested in being an early beta tester for Mexico or Colombia, please sign up for our waitlist here.

      • I have a corporate structure that's not a Delaware Tostada or Cayman Sandwich, can I use Meridian?

        It depends on the corporate structure! We'd love to hear more and figure out if Meridian will work for you — shoot us a note here.

      • Is there a minimum balance for me to use Meridian?

        For our beta, we do not require a minimum account balance nor will we charge a minimum monthly fee. We're still figuring out usage patterns on these accounts and would love your feedback.

      • Is Meridian (or Latitud) a bank?

        We are not a bank; we are a platform that provides fintech (financial technology) solutions. We partner with licensed banks, FX providers, and broker-dealers in the United States and Brazil to provide our customers access to regulated services.

      • How does Meridian keep my money safe?

        We work with licensed partners in the United States and Brazil to custody funds and offer compliant FX services. Our partners hold funds on behalf of our customers in one or more FDIC-insured banks. Our US bank partners are FDIC insured up to US$250k per account. To find out more information about how FDIC insurance works, please see the following article.

      • Are there any tax implications in using Meridian?

        Latitud (and Meridian) does not provide tax advice, however, we believe that using a Meridian provided business account as intended should not impact your corporate structure's tax integrity. You should not pay for local operating expenses from your Cayman or Delaware business account. Please consult your own tax and/or legal counsel regarding your company's specific tax position.

      • How does Meridian comply with Brazilian FX regulations?

        We take care of the required filings with the Brazilian Central Bank and will help you amend your company's bylaws to record the increase in share capital correctly.